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360 Content Creation

Virtual Tours are a great way to market your business. They can be used for sales tactics, real estate, hotel sales and marketing, art exhibitions, fashion shows, and much more. They allow you to create an online presence using high-quality 360-degree photos.African Technopreneurs is the home of all things 360 content in South Africa. Whether you’re looking to consult with us to create a 360 tour or to purchase 360 cameras to DIY, via our storefront 180by2, we have you covered on all fronts.Our aim is to bring the best advice and products in regards to 360 cameras and XR equipment, and get ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest technology and how you can use it to equip yourself in this in this new and evolving world.

360 cameras give your viewers a complete 360 view of your entire surroundings without you needing to move the camera. This makes it easier to create videos that give your audience a wider perspective. For example, if you're shooting a concert or are sightseeing on a tour, your audience can decide to look at everything happening around you while listening to your commentary. Another use case can be environmental observation while reviewing training or performance videos for sportspeople or special forces officers, especially from a first-person point of view.African Technopreneurs can help you capture 360 videos for your business. We are the South African distributor for Insta360 cameras, the world's top-selling 360 camera brand. We also have a fully-equipped video editing suite and production house that can help you create high-quality 360 videos for your business needs. Our products are used by filmmakers, sportspeople, and others who want to take full advantage of the 360 view to add an extra dimension to their films.If you're interested in learning more about how we can help your company create better media, contact us today! 

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From pre-planning, to shooting and post production, we specialize in all things 360º – from 360º video, to virtual tours, to custom Google Street View.