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African Technopreneurs authorised reseller program

African Technopreneurs is a South African Full Service VR & AR Hardware  & Software provider based in Centurion, South Africa.Our service offering includes the retailing of VR and AR headsets,  360° cameras, as through our e-Commerce platforms, well as providing services such as  360° content production, hardware rentals and recently added, augmented reality social experiences.

Who can apply?

Authorised African Technopreneurs Resellers and businesses that specialize in service in regions where African Technopreneurs has a direct service presence may apply to become an African Technopreneurs Authorised product Providers.

What are the requirements?

Business requirements
The African Technopreneurs(AT) Authorised reseller program is designed for companies interested in offering in-warranty reseller service for any AT product. Qualifying companies can gain access to genuine parts, tools, training, service guides, diagnostics, and resources.

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Our partners & customers

No one accomplishes anything alone. We are very grateful to our partners, clients, and collaborators who are helping us along the way.