So much of this XR technology is still new and is rapidly growing.

Extended Reality (XR) is more than just headsets. You can travel across the entire world in minutes, visit the pyramids, attend a Uncle Waffles concert, your favorite art exhibition, or have an immersive meeting with a work colleague all from the comfort of your living-room. Imagine being able to receive extra information, such as Wikipedia entries, or the latest news about any object you look at via AR glasses?

Imagine the richness of decisiveness and security that comes with knowing a ton about any object you simply glance at, no phone needed. That is the potential of XR. Being the home of all things VR in South Africa, part of our mission is to provide more immersive links between the barriers between people and the experiences they need to have, whether learning, observing, or collaborating

360º video Production

360° Content Production

From pre-planning, to shooting and post production, we specialize in all things 360º – from 360º video, to virtual tours, to custom Google Street View, to Virtual Reality experiences.

Unlike animated VR, 360 virtual reality videos and images are filmed using a specialised camera that simultaneously records all 360 degrees of a real-world environment.

Utilising the latest 3360 virtual reality cameras , our virtual reality studio is able to record highly immersive 8K virtual reality videos and images for your company.
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VR solutions

Virtual Reality Solutions

Training videos, VR software development simulations, and VR Web Events, we offer a whole range of VR solutions that use immersive experience to improve your business.

More importantly, VR allows you to create the experiences your audience needs to better understand what your business offers, whether they’re training videos, simulations, or virtual events. There’s a whole world of experiences to savor with virtual reality.
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AR Solutions

Augmented Reality Solutions

From marketing material with a 94% higher conversion rate, to technical skills training and on the job support for employees in industrial industries, book a consultation with a consultant to find the right application for your business needs.

Augmented Reality (AR) allows you to cram more data into the world around you, using your devices. For you, it means being able to help your customers visualize possibilities they can’t see on their own.
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Equipment Rentals

Equipment Rentals

Got a single event or project that needs VR headsets, our cinematic professional level 360° cameras? Get in touch with us to find our more information about our rental options.
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