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Harness the power of Augmented Reality for architects, interior designers, real estate professionals, miners, educators, manufacturers, engineers, marketers, and filmmakers. African Technopreneurs fuses digital and physical worlds, unlocking new growth opportunities for your business.

Our AR solutions allows you to cram more data into the world around you, using our devices, visualizing possibilities in any applied function.

From Data needs, Marketing Tools, Technical Skills and Industrial Level Products implementation.

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Our AR solutions allow you

Unleash Your Business Potential

Education & Training

Foster interactive learning experiences with dynamic, context-aware AR content.

Architects & Interior Designers

Superimpose your Revit & Unreal 3D models into real environments, enabling rapid design validation and client communication.

Real Estate

Transform property showings with virtual staging, enhancing buyer perception and engagement.

Mining & Construction

Improve on-site safety and efficiency with real-time data visualization and remote collaboration tools.

Manufacturing & Engineering

Streamline assembly, maintenance, and quality control with AR-guided workflows.

Marketing & Advertising

Create captivating, interactive campaigns with AR elements that drive customer engagement.
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Our Solutions work

With Amazing Products

Insta360 X3 360° Camera


R 11,599

Insta360 link WebCam AI 4K


R 9,099

Insta360 GO 2 Action Camera


R 6,899

Insta360 Sticky Lens Guards


R 399

Insta360 Pro II Battery Pack


R 1,695

Insta360 GPS Smart Remote


R 995

Insta360 Link WebCam AI


R 9,099

Insta360 ONE RS 1-Inch Camera


R 23,099

Pico Neo 2 Eye VR Headset


R 24,799

HTC VIVE Focus 3 VR system


R 45,999

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For Mobile, Simply Move your device in any direction ( A VR headset Is recommended ), Use your fingers for touch input.
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