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This is why professionals are switching to VR

Meta continues its quest to define the future of work through powerful productivity tools to elevate your professional journey.
February 20, 2024
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As we step into 2024, Meta continues its quest to define the future of work. A future where powerful productivity tools, inspiring virtual office spaces, and the latest apps and experiences converge to elevate your professional journey. In this article, we'll explore how Meta Quest VR headsets are becoming integral to transforming business operations. 

Maximizing Potential with Virtual Reality:

Apple’s announcement of the Vision Pro was a major signal that VR is a field major tech players are exploring. That said, this exploration is not new; we’ve seen innovations in collaborative tech, prototyping and training, tools that maximize work potential if implemented properly. Let’s talk about these tools a bit more.


Enhancing Collaboration in VR:

One of the remarkable features of VR is its ability to transform collaboration by allowing professionals to share a screen and virtual spaces. This interactive and engaging environment elevates the presentation and collaboration experience, fostering better communication and teamwork among team members. At the forefront of this transformation is Meta Horizon Workrooms, an innovative platform that brings teams closer together regardless of physical distance. This virtual office facilitates seamless collaboration, idea generation, presentation sharing, and productivity enhancement. Whether donning a Meta Quest headset or joining from a conventional 2D screen, Workrooms ensures a unified and productive work environment for the whole team.


Accelerating Prototyping through VR:

Visualizing ideas on paper can be challenging, but you can manipulate virtual objects, sketch in 3D, and swiftly transform plans into reality in virtual reality. The immersive nature of VR expedites prototyping processes, providing a tangible advantage in bringing concepts to life.

For example; SAOTA (one of our key clients) is an architecture and design firm that uses VR to view panoramic renders of their projects and sometimes do full walkthroughs of 3D models; this saves them much-needed time at each stage of their design process therefore accelerating the teams productivity and turnaround time for deadlines.

Immersive Training for Real-world Scenarios:

VR is not limited to the office space; it extends its transformative influence to training scenarios. Through re-creating immersive learning experiences, professionals can speed up their learning and development without attending physical lectures; from surgical procedures to aviation simulations, virtual reality training offers a safe, cost-effective method to teach and practice real-world situations, enhancing skill development in a controlled environment. A few examples of how VR has been used for immersive training include Driving Simulator (VR driving simulations to help customers/employees with responsible driving) and Warehouse Safety Training (VR simulations to help new employees with hazard recognition and logistics within the warehouse).


As VR continues to develop and bring a new era where virtual reality can be an indispensable tool for businesses by enhancing how we collaborate and providing the most immersive training we have seen, headsets like the Meta Quest are re-shaping work as we know it.

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